Here I am!

Oh yeah!

Finally I arrived at Akron! The air tastes so sweet here because this is going to be my new starting point!

This is my first time travel abroad. The furthest place I went was Tehran, our capital. International flight is never my favorite thing… the English in the airport made me confused – it’s so different from what I’ve learned so far.

I am still in my jet lag now. My friend told me that I will adjust to the new time zone after a week. Last night I couldn’t sleep until two o’clock, and woke up at four o’clock, just like I took a nap at noon in my home. So I started to organize my room, which has not been organized since I arrived. The room I am living is really small, because the houses closed to campus are expensive, I didn’t have many choices. My senior friend helped me find an apartment that near campus in the south.

The Saudi guy living downstairs was nice, he helped me put my luggage into my room and lent me some cleaning stuff. Right next to my door is a Chinese girl, she looks friendly. I haven’t met the person living right across my door. Women here don’t have a Paja, on their heads, which we did in Iran too. They expose their body quite a lot, especially Americans. Now I know what I saw in the movies are true!




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