My First Week in Akron

This week is a super busy week for me! Because I arrived in Akron just five days before the semester begin, I have a lot to do in these five days. What’s the worse is I did know exactly what I should do!

I only know the first thing I need to do after I got here is to go to the Office of International Program (they call it OIP) to check-in, it is written in the package mailed to me with my I-20. There were a lot of students in the OIP, I hardly could find someone to talk to. And my English was so bad that the lady needed me to repeat my words several times… I was so embarrass. Finally I finished check-in, and they gave me another package, which was cool because there are a lot of free stuff in that package! I asked them if I need to attend an “orientation.” They said it was mandatory, I must attend it, or else I couldn’t register for classes.

Then I got home and began to register for my classes. But I couldn’t do it! The system said there was a “hold” on my account, and it was an health insurance hold. We need to buy health insurance? I called the OIP, and they said yes, it was, again, mandatory… OKAY. I paid the insurance. And I still couldn’t register! I called the OIP again. They asked me if I was an undergraduate student. Yeah, I said. “Then you will need to meet an academic advisor to let her/him register for you. I didn’t know there would be an “advisor” for me. In my country, we were enrolled in class automatically by our college supervisor. And the whole college enrolled in the same classes. Here I have to meet with my advisor one-to-one, and discuss what courses I want to take. This feeling is … good! I can design my own academic career!

In the afternoon, I walked around campus by myself. I was like a tourist, taking pictures everywhere~ because it was so different from my home town. In our hometown, most of the land is desert, and it is hot! Here in Akron, trees are grasses are everywhere. I have never seen snow so far, so I hope the winter can come soon so that I can see snow!

After the tour, I met my senior Iranian friends in front of the Student Union. They took me to a store to buy some food and living stuff. I could hardly find any Iranian food in the store. There was a shelf called “Asian food,” but no Iranian food was on that shelf. Finally I bought some fruits and vegetable under my friend’s suggestion.

It is late at night, and I am going to bed even I am not that sleepy.

Good night, Akron.


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