The Orientation and My First Class

The orientation for new international students occupied my two whole days. It was too long, especially when I couldn’t understand most of the presentations. The women who spoke Russian English did the immigration presentation, which I think was the most important one in the orientation. But I could hardly understand her English. For the other presentations, the other presenters either spoke too fast, or their speaking is full of cultural implication that I couldn’t refer to any of my previous experience… I hope I can learn as more words as I can so that I can catch up with these people.

The only thing that is helpful in the orientation is that I got to know many students from other countries. The orientation leaders of my group are awesome! They did a great job to “break the ice.” We played several ice-breaker games. I like the Desert Island game. My orientation leader Sara, she is from Thailand, leaded the game. She told us to pick up three things started with the first letter of our names to the desert island. The other orientation leader Evan, he is an American, leaded the second game. He leaded a game called Human Knot. Basically we needed to lock and unlock ourselves, the team who did faster is the winner. We all played very happily, and I made several international friends through the games. I hope the orientation have more this kind of activities instead of the boring lectures!

After the orientation, I went to the Chapel with several new international friends to have dinner there. We were all very excited to see the inside Christian church in America. I was curious why the minister was so hospitable to us, who he just met, and were foreigners on this land. We did not find out the answer until we finish dinner. They have a bible study right after dinner, that’s why. I did not stay, because my religion did not allow me to. Some of my friends who are from Korea, Russia, and Ireland stayed. I think it’s rude to leave, but I decided not to go to have dinner in Chapel from now on, because I can’t betray my religion.



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