My First Class

I was nervous when I first stepped into the classroom. All are American students, and they looked so different from me. They dressed informally, such like wearing t-shirts, short pants, and flip-flop. Their behaviors were very relaxed, to some degree, they were rude. They sit like they were at home, and they call the professor by his first name! I can’t help to ask myself, am I wrong to behave like what I did before?

This is the first class of the public speech course, which I have to take as a general education class. I had studied in Tehran University for my freshman year, but we did not have public speech as a general education course. We have serious subjects like math, physics, sciences, and religion in our general education course requirement. It’s interesting to have a public speech class. What am I going to learn, speaking? What kind of assignment I need to finish, a speech??

So many questions in my head… I hope I can find the answer at the end of this class.




About Jessie

courage is my creed.
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