Strange Classroom Culture!

Although I have traveled to Europe and my brothers lived in Germany, I’ve never seen or heard of situations like this – students come to school with pajamas! I haven’t seen students that wear so casually until I got here! And they call their professors by their first name!

These kind of behaviors make me feel confused. Should I follow their behavior or keep my own? I am still nervous when I try to open my mouth in the class. The professor seems do not want to appoint student to answer questions. My classmates can ask question any time they want, and answer professor’s question without standing up. When I was in Iran, we need to stand up formally to answer questions, and we seldom ask questions during class.

I talked with my friends in Iran, when they heard that the students did not stand up when they saw a professor enter into a classroom, all of them are supervised. In Iran when a professor walks into the class, and it is very usual that most of the student stand up and they take a sit when he/she is inside. So strange here!

I think I will keep what I feel comfortable – follow some of their behavior and keep some of my own… I can’t wear pajamas to class and I will not call professors by their first name, but I will try to speak in class without raising my hand and standing up …



Smithee, M., Greenblatt, S. L., & Eland, A. (2012). U.S. classroom culture. NAFSA Association of International Educators. Retrieved from



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