Are We in a Team?

So far, I have worked in several class projects with my classmates. I want to say that I have never worked in such interesting teams, in which everyone has all kinds of creative ideas, but we never can come up with an answer.

I like creative thinking, but I don’t like the certainty that follows the individual creativity. In Iran, we like collectivism, we like harmony. That’s why we have the same religion in our country, then we will have the same belief, similar behavior, and similar thinking pattern. If a student in Iran act very differently than others, we cannot tolerate him, the teacher may ask him to act like what be called “the normal student behavior.” But here in the U.S., I feel that people are very individualized, and their ideas distinct from each other so much! Maybe this kind of individualism is promoted and encouraged in the U.S. academic environment.

When I talked to my Iranian friend, they expressed the same feeling. They didn’t know how to behave in a team. My friend Hana said she was considered unintelligent in the team, because she tried to keep everyone in the same direction by sacrificing her initiative and creative thinking. Then she felt that no in her team value her participation. We discussed the differences between our culture and the U.S. culture, and the prejudice of the dominant social group, and we came up with an idea: We will make some change in this university!

We decided to establish a student organization that can help to raise people’s awareness of different cultural groups on campus, and promote the diversity and inclusiveness in this university. We are at the first stage now – doing the paper words with the Student Life department. Besides, we need to write a constitution for our organization and find people to be our main officers. We decided to make our organization half international students and half American students so that it reflect our purpose – mingle this two group together from the inside of our organization and in the activity we hold.



Kharkhurin, A. V., & Samadpour Motalleebi, S. N. (2008). The impact of culture on the creative potential of American, Russian, and Iranian college students. Creativity Research Journal20(4), 404-411. doi:10.1080/10400410802391835


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