We decided to name our organization “F.A.I.R.” – Foreign Affairs and International Relations. Cool name, right? I think so! I hope through our organization, local students can understand international students more, and international students can get to know American people more!

This area is the most interesting so far in my study in the U.S. I talked to my academic advisor about this, she expressed her support to me. She suggested me to ask the Director of the International Program to be our advisor. The Director is an American woman, she was very interested in our organization. She said she could help us to find support from the upper level officials of the university.

With the help from the Director, we were able to get the support from the upper officials, and they provided part of the funds of our organization. Of course, we also got funds from the Student Life Department. So now we are promoting our first event through Facebook, Twitter, flyers around campus, and Listserve. We easily attracted many international students so far, but American participants are not as many as international ones. Are they not interested in knowing the other culture? No, an article said American students don’t do as much as they could to get to know international students. “When I was a student I didn’t make an effort to get to know international students because they weren’t in my classes or in any of the organizations I was in,” said a graduate from the University of California in a news.

So if we provide the opportunity for American students make everything handy for them to get to know other culture, why they won’t join? We decided to use our funds to make some attractions. We will have a culture discover night with free food for our members.



Stahl. j. (June 19, 2012). Why aren’t Americans and international students becoming friends? Retrieved from http://blogs.voanews.com/student-union/2012/06/19/why-aren%E2%80%99t-americans-and-international-students-becoming-friends/


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